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At Living Water Church, we believe that membership is more than a name on a role book tucked away in an office somewhere. We believe membership is synonymous with covenant. In other words, we believe that those who join LWC are covenanting with God and the faith community represented by LWC's congregation, to engage in the Kingdom work that God has established within His church. Each local church has an opportunity to minister and reach the surrounding community in their own specific way, and LWC is no exception. Those seeking to become members of LWC should be fully informed as to what we are trying to accomplish and how we are planning to get the task done. They should also be aware of our core convictions and the theological pillars that drive us. Many of these ideas and concepts can be found on this vary site in our "who we are" section. However, we find that this information is best communicated in a face to face format. For those desiring to find out about LWC's direction and potential membership into the church, we offer regular "New Beginnings" classes to address these issues in detail. If you are interested in going through this 4 session class, please contact pastor Greg.

More coming soon...

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