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As Living Water Church seeks to carry out the Great Commission, they compartmentalize this endeavor into various areas of service. Below are some (but not all) of the areas of ministry pivotal to LWC's mission and vision.




Every Sunday morning worship time, special service, and church related event is marked by our passion for praising God through song. Vital to this key ministry is the special talents of those gifted in the area of music. Singing is a form of worship that has its roots in the early church and even further back into the Old Testament Temple. We invite you to use your voice for God if He has equipped you for such an honorable service.


Like the art of singing, musical expression through instrumentation has a rich history in the Bible, as well as historically throughout the church age. Whenever the church gathers to worship in song, we usually do so with the accompaniment of various instruments. Piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, etc., are currently in use at LWC. If you have the ability to play and want to utilize your talent for God's glory, we invite you to speak with one of our leaders.


While the music ministry is often represented by those singing and playing on stage, equally important to this ministry are those who work outside the spotlight, making sure that everything, including the spotlights, are operating smoothly. Every week a team volunteers their time to put lyrics on a computer, run sound equipment in the back, and arrange lighting and other technical elements necessary to provide in-person and on-line services. If you are tech-savvy and enjoy the production side of music, God can use you here.


Youth and Children's Ministries

Training the next generation is important to us!

LWC is taking the task of child and youth discipleship seriously. We have committed to emphasizing this ministry in the years to come and we desire to see every child come to saving faith in Christ accompanied by spiritual growth as they move toward adulthood. We currently offer Sunday morning classes for children and youth of all ages. We also have a children's choir called Heaven's Harmony which sings for the congregation once a month. June 6th-10th will be our first Vacation Bible School so mark your calendars and sign up to get involved!

Preaching and Teaching

One of the most cherished ministries of Living Water Church is its ministry of the Word. Teaching the Bible is the reason we exist and we encourage everyone within the congregation to take up their part in advancing the Gospel message. For some this may take the form of preaching to the congregation on Sunday morning. For others, it may involve teaching a Sunday School class. And some may be led to simply converse one on one with co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends. Whatever your platform, gifting, or audience, God wants to use you in this area in some way. If you are looking for ways to be a mouthpiece for God, contact the pastor or one of the elders to discuss ways to serve in this way. 



Churches, like our homes, need constant repair. Furthermore, churches are constantly needing changes to keep up with the demands of its changing ministerial needs, as well as shifting safety standards. Behind every attractive church building is a crew of people who have served God with more than bibles, but with their hammers, brooms, paint brushes, etc. If you like the idea of serving God from behind the scenes, come use your gifts of service at LWC.


In addition to keeping the facility up to date, there are also occasional needs that require major construction. When the church needs to expand its borders, upgrade its facilities, or extend its work force to the mission field in some way, there is a need for skill and wisdom in the "constructive arts." If God has equipped you with the ability to build and work with your hands, there is service in God's kingdom for you.


Whenever the church hosts a special service of any kind, be it a funeral, a pot-luck, or some other community outreach event, there is a need for service volunteers. Tables need put out, chairs stacked, food cooked, flowers arranged, etc. If you enjoy the behind-the-scenes work that honors God and serves the church, there is plenty of work in this area for you. 

Bible discussion group

Life Groups

Growing in faith TOGETHER

Living Water Church firmly believes that Christians need other Christians to grow in their faith. Because of this, we encourage every member to plug into a life group. These groups share life together by studying the scriptures, serving, working, playing, and living in community with one another. If you are interested in joining a Life Group click here or reach out to pastor Greg today.

Holy Bible
Life Groups
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