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"Fall"owing the Prophets

We have now completed 4 different reading plans as a church. We have gone through 90 Days New (a walk through the New Testament), The Ten-Week Torah (a walk through the first 5 books of the Bible), 90 Days of Promise (the historical books after the Torah, Joshua through 2 Kings), and a Summer of Psalms. We are now heading into Fall and wish to continue reading together with the latest reading plan: "Fall"owing the Prophets. This plan will take us through the major and minor prophets, which are some of the most neglected books of the Bible, yet some of the most quoted books by the New Testament authors. As in the past, this reading plan will be accompanied by podcasts that help navigate troublesome areas of interpretation, and help put the pieces together into a recognizable "whole." Discovering how the prophets fit into the overarching meta narrative of God's redemptive plan is extremely beneficial for the modern Bible reader and we hope you are blessed on this journey. The plan begins October 1st and is accessible below.

Download the Reading Plan

Click the icon to download the corporate reading plan over the book of Psalms.

Torah Scroll

Weekly Podcast

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