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About Us

Living Water Church (LWC) has been serving the Plattsmouth community for decades. It previously went under the name of Plattsmouth Baptist Church, but changed its name to LWC to avoid confusion with other churches in the area bearing a similar name. LWC is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is a collaboration of Baptist churches across the country who believe we can do more working together than we can separately. Additionally, LWC is a member of the Kansas-Nebraska Association of Southern Baptist Churches, as well as the Heartland Baptist Network. LWC has adopted the 9Marks ministry church identification model for understanding who we are as a community, and for shaping our philosophy on missions, evangelism, and worship.  Our core theological positions have been best articulated in the Baptist Faith and Message. However, we are an autonomous body of believers who are not bound to these establishments and/or documents, but have historically chosen these alignments as an expression of our ministerial commonality and mutual theological convictions. 



The Mission of LWC is to help families and individuals find the joy of salvation in Jesus Christ, to build up and encourage all believers through preaching and teaching, and to provide a caring environment where everyone learns to love God with all their heart, soul, and mind, and loves their neighbor as themselves.



LWC is currently drafting a new vision statement. Be on the look out for this new addition.

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