Where do you fit?

At Living Water Church, we believe that God has a role for each person to fill. You have been uniquely gifted and fitted for some part of God's Kingdom expansion. We are tasked with duty of building up the Church, in every sense of the phrase. We want to help you get started. If you are looking for ways to serve the body of Christ, we can help you find that outlet. Furthermore, your contribution to God's kingdom work will help others find their place in God's redemptive plan as well. This task isn't always easy but we want to help. Start by taking a look at the options below to see where you should begin.

Where are you at spiritually?

Recommended Resources

If you are looking to progress in spiritual maturity, we recommend some of the following resources:

RightNowMedia - We offer subscriptions for LWC members and guests so that you can have access to thousands of video studies from pastors and theologians around the world. Contact us if you'd like to have access to this awesome resource.

The Bible Project - The Bible Project is a great resource for those who desire to understand how the Bible fits together as a whole. The creators of the Bible Project have provided free videos that are short, entertaining, and informative, while maintaining deep theological insights and conclusions in their work.